Gus O’Donnell’s whitewash is already peeling

Predictably, Sir Gus O’Donnell’s ten page report into the Fox-Werritty scandal has failed to silence any critics. As I reported yesterday, it does not examine the Atlantic Bridge and others will have many more questions to ask. While Atlantic Bridge, the charity closed as a result of my complaint to the Charity Commission, is mentioned briefly for having exposed Lord Astor of Hever the parliamentary under secretary of state at defence (and a Tory despite Professor Patrick Minford’s odd description of him as ‘from the left’) to Adam Werritty, it otherwise ignored.

For clarity, it is important to point out that Dr Liam Fox is unlikely to have benefitted from Atlantic Bridge personally, but as I explain here to Sky News, he certainly benefitted. This Telegraph front page is good example of a typical Atlantic Bridge event; ‘Liam Fox and Adam Werritty were both guests at the [Atlantic Bridge] fund-raising dinner at the Mandarin Oriental hotel [Washington] where they mingled with American-based lobbyists for the defence industry and leading US military officials.’

There should be little doubt that the Atlantic Bridge significantly benefitted Fox’s career and while this event appears to have been for the US non-profit, Atlantic Bridge Inc, the UK charity organised similar bashes. No misspent charity money has been recovered. None of the tax foregone to subsidise the Atlantic Bridge has been clawed back. The charity’s assets have been demised to an organisation the Charity Commission cannot or will not name.
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2 thoughts on “Gus O’Donnell’s whitewash is already peeling

  1. The Atlantic Bridge assets have been transferred to another organisation with the same objectives. At the same time, a new (?offshore) outfit called Transatlantic Bridge has been formed. Join the dots…

    In any event either Atlantic Bridge Inc ( the US sister “nonprofit”) or its parent, ALEC, boast enogh financial expertise to hide the money – I seem to remember £36,000 – left over from subsidising US trips for far-right Tories. See my posts on CM for links to some of this.

  2. As Komodo says – probably all gone to Transatlantic Bridge.

    And of course, no money left to pay the taxman – even if he should try to go after Atlantic Bridge (which I doubt!)

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