Hair extensions, hairpieces, wigs, toupee tape… things I’d need in North Korea

Odd Number: maximum hair length prescribed by North Korean state media, Observer Magazine 24 April 2005North Korea’s a strange place by all accounts. A proper old school dictatorship on the Stalinist model, but what scared me recently was this snippet from the Observer magazine. Having lost my hair in my 20s, I’m lucky to live at a time when baldness is not just acceptable, but sexy. Had I been born 20 years earlier and ended up living my 20s in the 1970s, I’d have been victim so some horrendous peer pressure, so I’m thankful I wasn’t born North Korean either.

It seems that North Korea has quite an unenlightened attitude to baldness and I’d have to wait until I was in my 50s before being able to grow enough hair down one side for a comb-over. But having spent the best of part of thirty years as an object of ridicule, I’d probably have become some kind of hermit. Or perhaps I’d embark on a suicidal mission to assassinate the man responsible for my plight.

Anyway. Isn’t it worth remarking that while toupee tape has been transformed into tit tape, the toupee itself seems to be the only wig type product not to have survived the Western trend that includes all sorts of women’s hairpieces, hair extensions and wigs (available to buy here)? And I do think a baseball cap with straight hair attached (search here for ‘cap it straight’) is coming close to the comb-over in terms of silliness.
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