Headline writers to be left to die

FREE NHS HEART OPS FOR EVERY RANTING LOONYThis is a little late as the cleric with the dodgy heart’s been arrested in Beirut. I’m very proud to live in a country that offers asylum to those who might otherwise be tortured or killed for their politics. That said, it seems odd that someone of Lebanese nationality should be claiming asylum when they feel safe enough to holiday in that country. Then again should the Lebanese kill him, subject him to torture or detention without trial and the rest, he’ll at least have proved his asylum claim was bona fide.

The suggestion Omar Bakri Mohammed was only here for a heart op is the sort of thing that lifts tabloid blood pressure but, unlike the Daily Star, the Daily Mail’s uncharacteristically restrained. Perhaps they realise that the implied solution – deny heart ops to ranting loonies – could backfire quite badly.

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