Holidays: walking, painting, writing and joking

Comedy workshops in France and Spain. Learn to write and perform with the help of an established comedian tutor‘We hate it when our friends become successful,’ sang the ever so quotable Morrissey. Not schadenfreude or even envy (though there’s much to be admired). But after a couple of years planning and trialling some very good friends of ours are off to live and work in France and Spain. Damn the new freedoms EU membership brings: what’s so wrong with little old England?

Unlike all those people you see on TV – A Place in the Sun, A New Life Downunder, Get a New Life – Zoë and Lee have spent so long planning, language learning and contact building, that many of us doubted their activity holiday business would ever go beyond the occasional week here and there. Yes, they’ve returned from the odd few days hosting comedy workshops and even seen the tutored enter the comedy circuit proper; they’ve led tours of the region of Dali’s birth, with all that art and culture and always returned energised and enthused. But we still thought they’d always be around for a film and a pint.

7 Day Wonder Holidays, will last far longer than the name suggests, not just because its founders are so enthusiastic and determined to pursue the dream, but because the offer – writing, painting, walking and comedy – is broad and they’re open to suggestions; they’re not tied to any one centre or set of tutors, so they can pick out the best and I’m sure they will. But don’t you dare visit 7 Day Wonder Holidays and book the kind of holiday that might help you pursue a dream or some new hobby. Spare a thought for the friends you leave behind.

7 Day Wonder Holidays. Memorable special interest holidays that are stimulating and relaxing, informative and fun. With the help of experienced professionals and a very warm welcome from Zoë and Lee, our holidays include writing, painting, walking and even comedy

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