Holmes Place to Virgin Active

Click to see ‘Holmes Place to Virgin Active’ in a variety of different sizesAs part of the run down of Holmes Place to Virgin Active (should that be Virgin inActive?) this rather strange (and totally ignored, because it’s not what they mean) locker policy has been introduced: ‘large lockers must be left empty at all times.’

There’s a fear that Virgin may only be as good at gyms as they are at television, as they close facilities for an over promised refurb that’s weeks over due and then fall silent. Letters and comment cards go unanswered for months.

This posted via mobile via Flickr. Click the pic to see it large (there’s an ‘all-sizes’ tab for really large).

6 thoughts on “Holmes Place to Virgin Active

  1. Certainly getting worse at Virgin Active – now they are taking away the small lockers from rental. Time to look at GL 14 …

  2. That’s right and towels are to be cut back. GL-14 is the wrong side of town for me, but how much are they quoting for memebership?

    Exchanged emails with the manager and had a chat with him earlier and it may be that will get a laundry on site (currently sending out to Parrs Wood) and then restore the towell situation.

    Although, I reckon when the refurb’s done it will be much improved… interesting that I wrote this in March and the refurb should have been begun in January.

  3. Notices up in the Farnborough Virgin Active state that they are scrapping sweat towels from Nov 1st !

    May as well just use the local council one then…. :(

  4. Interestingly now that virgin active have scrapped the ‘white’ free sweat towels for environmental reasons some members are showing up with red virgin active branded sweat towels . Where and why have they received them as there are no notices in the gym saying anything about these new towels???/!!!

  5. The red virgin Active branded sweat towels are being used in some clubs as “bribes” to shut people up who complain about the loss of the ‘white’ free sweat towels.

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