Home office leaks reveal Tory leadership failure

Following on from my post on Tory martyrs Christopher Galley and Damian Green, thanks go to Labour Matters for pointing me to Unity’s digging up of circumstantial evidence of policy theft.

In summary, it appears the Tories found themselves so short of policy ideas their alleged spy was stealing the results of government reviews so they could rush any proposals into announcements of their own and so be seen to pre-empt the government. Then they could bleat on about Labour running out of ideas and stealing from them.

What a tragic failure of opposition. Conservatives should be using this time to rediscover whatever it is they stand for and develop a policy agenda to deliver some vision or other. You’d have thought they’d use any prior sight of government policy to develop killer questions for wrong footed ministers, but no. Clearly there are no Tory think tanks capable of informing a would-be Conservative government.

No surprises that the main incident Unity refers to surrounds David Davis, who I imagine finds policy development particularly challenging. And yet this is a natural extension of Cameron’s strategy of keeping policy development to a minimum for fear of giving Labour something to attack.

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