Hosiery: tights, stockings, socks, hold-ups… buy online Trinny! READER OFFER

Shopping addict… Trinny spent £1,200 in two months on tightsReading that Trinny, as in Trinny and Susannah, has fessed-up to spending £1200 on tights in two months immediately led me to ask: ‘just how many pairs of tights does £1200 get you?’

Not surprisingly, that turns out to be one of those ‘how long is a piece of string?’ questions. Bottom of the range Perfectly Natural tights by Pretty Polly which come with non slip sole, so you can wear them with sandals and other slip on shoes (apparently) at eight denier(?) these tights provide a flawless, yet natural look that can be worn with utter confidence. Sounds good to me and at £3.50 a time £1200 buys 342 pairs (plus £3 change) and Figleaves offer free delivery and £20 off your first order. That’s five or six (mostly six) pairs of tights a day.

At the other end of the scale are La Perla Hosiery’s Puccini crystal tights. Denier undisclosed (I expect it’s off the scale), these all over the leg (eh? aren’t all tights ‘all over the leg’ and isn’t that what makes less sexy than stockings?) tights offer a chic, subtle, polka dot pattern. At £58 a pair, they must be really special. Nevertheless, £1200 still buys twenty pairs, so I imagine Trinny’s to be custom-made and she must, at the very least, be following trends set by our boys in Iraq and have them silver plated.

I suspect I speak for many though when I say you can’t beat a good stockings (not hold-ups) and suspender set.
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