Hotel Chocolat’s Chocolate Tasting Club: READER OFFER

Hotel Chocolat Chocolate Tasting ClubChocolate seems to be heading ever further downhill. Cadbury simply isn’t what it was and Thorntons may have done okay over Easter but, for many of us, their chocolate hasn’t tasted the same since they stopped free gift wrap (and there should be an apostrophe in their name: i.e. Thornton’s Chocolate).

It’s getting ever so difficult to buy posh chocolates. Sure the supermarkets offer Belgian Chocolates, Swiss Chocolates and the rest in posh boxes, but it’s not quite there for me. Where have all the adventurous luxury chocolatiers gone?
Hotel Chocolat Chocolate Tasting Club
Well it looks like they’ve all booked long term stays at Hotel Chocolat. That’s right: Hotel Chocolat is a little bit of chocolate heaven right inside Manchester’s Arndale Centre. But what if you can’t get to Manchester or wherever else Hotel Chocolat has branches?

The best thing to do is get yourself over to the Hotel Chocolat website and order online. But better than that you could join Hotel Chocolat’s Chocolate Tasting Club and have the very latest in chocolate indulgence posted out to you every month.

Being a member of the Chocolate Tasting Club isn’t like one of those awful book clubs that send you the latest Jeffery Archer no matter how many times you say no. It makes you an armchair chocolatier at the forefront of chocolate development. With each chocolate comes tasting notes and a scorecard so your comments (which will grow in value with your chocolate expertise) will inform the future development of the Hotel Chocolat range.

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