Hotel Chocolat Cocoa Niblingtons: READER OFFER

Hotel Chocolat, home to the Cocoa NiblingtonsHotel Chocolat’s Chocolate Tasting Club is very much an adult offer with product very different from Cadbury’s sweet and brittle vegelate and there’s never a shortage of people with those white and black bags wandering around Manchester’s Arndale Centre. It’s the place to go for good quality chocolate, much of it Fairtrade. And they do lots of work with cocoa farmers in Ghana.

Hotel Chocolat’s Cocoa NiblingtonsBut what if you can’t get your kids to eat quality chocolate? Well for that unlikely event there’s the Cocoa Niblingtons (you’ll find them under collections). Featuring Montgomery the mongoose, Moka the monkey, Lucille the parrot, Edwin the tortoise and Serge the rat. You get the idea. Cocoa Niblingtons are cool.

The Cocoa Niblingtons’ adventures take place on the Caribbean island of St Lucia, which (not surprisingly) counts cocoa among its main exports. And they’ve got loads of stuff from cute Labrador puppies to tasting adventure games that let you teach the kids the difference between white, milk, dark chocolate and the rest. (But no vegelate.)

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