House clearance: eBay, car boot or yard sale?

House Clearance via eBayIt’s a bit of cliché, but a former work colleague of mine is selling up and emigrating to Australia. I’ve never been able to see the attraction of Oz. It seems such a long way to go for a beach holiday. But I know nothing about the place, so let’s hope it’s all Mandy wants it to be.

More interestingly her dog, Fudge, is selling as many of his owners’ possessions as he can lay his paws on in the hope of raising his own airfare. It appears to include an exercise machine, record deck, various gadgets and a collection of CDs and DVDs. At time of writing, with five of seven days bidding gone, he’s raised 99p. I guess that might just be enough for a one way ticket to Manchester Dogs’ Home. Looks like Fudge should have tried a more traditional car boot sale or one of those increasingly popular US style yard sales.

One thought on “House clearance: eBay, car boot or yard sale?

  1. Selling on ebay can be really good but it all depends on the buyers and if your items are wanted, sometimes there are seasons for items so it can be luck half the time. Going to australia its best to get rid of most of your things as it can be pain dragging all your stuff everywhere. plus some of the stuff won’t work over int he land of oz

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