How thick are you?

Ratatouille (

So few people can pronounce ratatouille, Disney and Pixar apparently believe, that the logo for their film of that name includes helpful guidance (

But breakfasting with a mate earlier this week, we came the realisation that people may not be as stupid as they appear. It’s all the media’s fault.

Conversation had turned to the various scandals involving dodgy phone-ins and the like. It’s nothing new. When interviewed, Tony Blackburn mentions in passing that the TV footage of him opening Radio 1 in 1967 was shot the day before, but still is presented as the real event. People have been embellishing the truth for as long as there’s been language.

Anyway. Production staff posing as punters on a radio phone-in on a recorded show is naughty. But remember, they’re not true representatives of the people. They’re taking the piss… and that’s why those who call phone-ins appear so thick.

Don’t let Disney and Pixar fool you. Most people can pronounce ratatouille.
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One thought on “How thick are you?

  1. Thank you Steve, now I know I’m not the only one annoyed to death by that rat a too ee thing.
    Talk about insulting our intelligence. i’m fed up of that in the media!

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