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Not Gok WanI feel rather sheepish, but I watched How to Look Good Naked on Tuesday night and as with all programmes with tempting titles (as in lowest common denominator; Katharine made me watch) it was quite boring and I shan’t be tuning in again.

Yet I feel moved to comment. It’s not just that the presenter, Gok Wan, is a weird looking bloke even for a fashion guru (his glasses look like they’re made of cardboard; see the 3D Specs modelled by this look-alike).

How to Look Good Naked is one of those programmes that prompts newspaper features on how silly women are for trying to loose weight when fat is normal. Anyone can look good with a little help from Gok Wan. (Daily Mail reader, Mick of London, has already cracked Gok Wan’s formula for making fat women look good in photos: ‘Lie down with your head towards the camera so that your face and breasts dominate the picture / Arrange the lighting so that your lower half is in shadow’. He forgets to mention all the beauty treatments used to sweat them down a little.)

Anyway. Making people feel good about themselves is a good thing. But it’s dishonest to pretend that it’s okay to be fat when one-in-five women and a quarter of men are obese and obesity costs the NHS £7 billion a year.

Losing weight is difficult (my own podge shows no intention of withering away). But telling people to love their fat, is akin to telling them to give up on ever being healthy.

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  1. I’m slightly surprised to note that although I think the show’s rather dull, I think Gok Wan is amazingly cute !

  2. Gok Wan cute…?
    Did you write that Gok??
    although if it is you your slimmer than you were when you worked in leicester as a 100 operator you were pretty big then… and are you only 31?

  3. I like the programme. I think the message it sends out it is one of excepting yourself, making the most of your good pionts, realizing we all have bits we don’t like,and stop comparing our selves to an impossible ideal. Staying/getting fit and eating healthily are talked about and advised in the programme, so it does not suggest its ok to give up on being healthy(not all slim/thin people are healthy).
    I like the product testing, and it is good to see normal womens bodies in the media for a change.

  4. don’t think hes cute but he makes women who are insecure feel good about themselves and anybody who can do that is alrite in my book.
    P.s can you do anything for me lol!!?

  5. There is far too much dictatorial stuff in the media about trying to conform to an unrealistic, ideal shape. He helps the women on this programme to re-evaluate and feel better about themselves and how to accentuate their best features and play-down the ones they’re not happy about.
    So shoot him, eh?
    If female viewers get re-assurance, confidence and style advice then that’s a job well done!
    Please no more screetching harpies like Suzanna and Tranny.
    He is unrelentingly kind and supportive to all those who are brave enough to volunteer themselves.
    So, group hug for all concerned, I say.

    Mwa mwa

  6. no hes not a freak he just dresses like a sexy gay guy i love his style he is gorgeous , i wish he wasn’t gay, he’d make a good, caring husband!

  7. Hi, my names josh and i completely disagree with the claims made above about “telling people to love thier fat” as a bad thing. Mainly because I dont think Gok tells people to love the morbidly obese characteristics that might kill them one day, he builds confidence in a womans most defined areas of interest and i believe that in doing so, he is actually helping women strive for a better body and this is why:

    One of the major reason for obesity in the UK is comfort eating, its a psychological certainty that obese people, of which both male and female, eat more or “endulge” themselves more because they are unhappy with the way they look and are percieved by the community (can’t argue with the statistics, people eat because they are unhappy). Praising peoples good qualities, brings out a side of confidence in a person, curvy or not. This is misunderstood as a concept in which comforting a person leads that individual to believe that they can continue with thier current lifestyle the way it is. But in fact physical approval (of ones self or others) deploys a more deeper psychological insight into the issue of obesity. A person who is more self confident, will in fact start to consider thier appearence more. Confidence does not inspire an individual to excuse themselves of thier appearence, but instead influences or inspires that individual to strive for a better means of developing ones self. Praising and giving women and men this kind of confidence is in no way a bad thing, if anything it deploys a deep and meaningfull confidence and sense of motivation in a person, man or woman.

    To conclude:(if you havent got it already)

    The idea of encouraging an individual to consider thier appearence through “polite/sexual” claims DOES in fact have more impact on the majority of individuals to loose weight than the currently accepted view that being brutally honest with a person will help them loose weight. The truth of the matter is, both methods to counter obesity help an individual to loose weight and achieve a better health. It all depends on the individual. An individual who is not happy with thier looks and comforts eats will not be as encouraged to loose weight by being told “Your a fat bastard, do something or die a horrible death” (pardon the extreme example i got carried away but it’s a basic outline of what people like that say)People who eat because they are unhappy are more moved and inspired by claims which compliment them, as I went into detail about above.

    Keep up the good work Gok, your doing more for womens moral than anything else in the UK and it may be that this new found confidence in women will inspire them to loose weight and aspire for a more beautifull appearance (not like all women aren’t beautifull anyway, i think your all stunners)

  8. What Josh said is amazing, articulate and perceptive. I think women just need to give themselves (and each other) a break. Also, it isn’t just larger women that have issues about their body (there have been smaller girls in this series) anyone can have a confidence crisis – whether it’s because of cellulite or bony knees. Alos, I’m really not sure that the women featured so far on this series can be classed as obese. They are led to believe they are ugly and fat because we are bombarded by silly thoughtless comments like the one above.

  9. I LOVE Gok Wan, Im in two minds whether he is gay or not, coz on the show a few weeks ago, he said he wanted to stick his head in between all the boobies that they have on that line up they do, to figure out where the victim is on whatver part of their body they find revolting o meter

  10. I think the programme is great and Gok is fab…he’s so nice and encouraging to those girls, not to mention the girls look beautiful after transformation! Its a good job well done! And I would recommend the programme to everyone out there!

    ‘Hope is here!’

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