Hurrah for Maplin! Bloody computers…

Blogging’s been very light for the last week or so as I’ve had a too lengthy fight with the PC, that’s had me hunching over the ‘emergency laptop’ to get proper work done while snarling at various progress bars that don’t really indicate anything. What’s the point when it jumps a third of the way… appears to freeze… gets a new life… looks like it’s there… but no… oh no… we’re there… maybe not.

Anyway. After much huffing, puffing, et cetera I concluded that my hard drive needed replacing. It seemed straight forward enough, but wasn’t quite… but a couple of trips to Maplin and a couple of minor and not-as-straight-forward-as-they-should-be minor upgrades later… a not-as-straight-forward-as-it-should-be reinstallation of Windows… not-as-straight-forward-as-it-should-be reinstallations of all the other junk… and I’ve got a re-built PC. And it’s running noticeably faster than before. I wonder how long that’ll last.

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