IDS without the charisma… David Cameron to lead Tories

We were watching David Cameron’s conference speech the other day on Channel 4 News. It was the first time we’d seen him perform, I can’t remember what he said and when it was over Katharine said, ‘he’s just like Ian Duncan-Smith’. And indeed he is. And the people who vote loved it.

Frontrunner David Davis’s campaign is entering meltdown following a disastrous conference speech made shortly after Liam Fox rubbished his main claim to be a man of the people. Davis has been going onand onand onand onand on about being brought up by a single mother on a council estate. So what, said Fox: ‘We should elect leaders because of where they are going, not where they have come from.’ Ouch!

Anyway. The winner will be the man who appears to be the least worst candidate and that man will be David Cameron. The average age of a Conservative Party member has crept over 65 and they’re terribly aware of that. Electing a ‘nice young man’ as leader will help them convince each other that they’re forward looking, without having to change anything that matters. But that ‘nice young man’ has the look of a leader who doesn’t know how to turn up the volume, without the charisma.

One thought on “IDS without the charisma… David Cameron to lead Tories

  1. So IDS had charisma to you? And here was me thinking that that was one of his main problems: the lack thereof. Cameron is a close runner-up to IDS in that respect, I’ll concede that…

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