Immigrants: you miss ’em when they’re gone

‘We welcome not only immigrants themselves, but the many gifts they bring and the values they live by.’
George W Bush

George W Bush’s attempt to ‘make America more American’ by making economic migration easier is an initiative Gordon Brown would do well to resurrect for Britain. Sadly for America, Bush was defeated by conservative Republicans and protectionist Democrats.

And those who fear immigration have gone further. More than thirty US towns have enacted laws to counter what, for them, are the unacceptable downsides of illegal immigration. Stuff like overworked police, schools et cetera: like in Cambridgeshire.

Like Minette Marrin in the Times, they thought themselves brave to speak ‘the truth about immigration’ and wore accusations of racism as badges of honour. And on their own terms they have been reasonably successful. So successful some legal immigrants want to go too: ‘They all left. I also want to leave but it’s not possible because no one wants to buy my business.’

Having given illegals the boot by criminalising those who rent property to or employ them, these towns now struggle to come to terms with crashed property markets, boarded up store fronts and, of course, the sudden loss of cheap labour.

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