Indian call centres… sorry to see you go

I suspect I’m in a small minority when I mourn the retreat of the Indian call centre, even though it’ll create 450 jobs in this country.

To be fair, I’ve no experience of the Powergen call centre that’s closing, but I doubt very much that the move will reduce the number of consumer complaints. As it happens one of the only call centres that’s not left me frustrated is in India and belongs to Belkin. Their people are superb masters of complex technical gubbins. But that’s not the main point.

Exporting work may not sound like a good idea, but it actually brings many benefits. Our economy is dependent on trade, but you can’t trade much with paupers. Helping India, a friendly democratic nation, get strong makes sense and wealthy nations tend to be more stable and less likely to harbour extremists. So it makes us safer and doesn’t cost as much as we think because we get a lot back.

Not only that, the UK already has a shortage of labour for less desirable jobs, but we don’t much like importing workers (and, truth be told, most foreigners would rather live and work in their own countries).

4 thoughts on “Indian call centres… sorry to see you go

  1. I have had a dislike of off shore call centres for some time due to lack of geographical knowledge and British culture by the operators as well as the difficulty in understanding many of them. but my experience in the past few weeks has made me determine to find out which companies use such offshore call centres and never ever deal with them again. My daughter, in her mid 30′s, recently lost her husband to a tragic accident. Left with 2 small children life is difficult enough for her, but trying to sort out insurance policies, credit cards etc. she is constantly coming up against Indian call centre staff who have no conception of how to deal with a bereaved wife and I am sick of finding her in tears just because some conglomerate has decided that cheap Indian labour replaces compassion. I vow to find all the companies I deal with who use such places and cancel all transactions with them. I urge others to do the same and maybe then we will start to get some sense back into “customer care”!!

  2. My wife lost her mother at the end of May and her experience has been patchy. For example, when she rang a department of Leicester Royal Infirmary the nurse tutted and said, ‘when did that happen, then?’

    Leicester Police were very good and a great contrast to the Greater Manchester officer who delivered the news; ‘Message from Leicestershire Police; your mother-in-law’s died, were you expecting that?’ / ‘Well, sort of.’ / ‘I’ll be going then.’

    The ethnicity of the insensitive has no bearing on the matter.

  3. Indian call centres will only grow in future. Trust me guys it lets US business survive :-) (UK is a very small country BTW)

    Its better to train people in India rather then wait for ever to get some one answer in UK / US

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