Iraq no imminent threat: so what?

The lack of an imminent threat from Iraq, will lead many to argue that the war was simply wrong. But this is a very short term and blinkered view, that implies the most significant barrier (after the Israel-Palestine conflict) to Middle Eastern peace should have been left to fester, with the gravest of outcomes.

Such tolerance would see the continuation of sanctions against Iraq in a modern day siege that would ensure the continuation of grotesque levels of poverty within that country, alongside abuses of human rights, far worse than the disgusting images from Abu Ghraib. To end sanctions with the dictator in power, would almost certainly have allowed Saddam to redevelop the weapons of mass destruction he had used to murder many thousands of people in the past. For all the mess that has arisen from the Bush administration’s naïve belief that US troops would be welcomed as liberators by a population desperate for democracy, Iraqis are still better placed to benefit from a peaceful more prosperous future.

(BTW: Where’s all that nuclear material gone?)

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