ITV Lunchtime News odd couple

Katharine’s working from home this afternoon and got in just in time for ITV’s Lunchtime News, not a programme we’d otherwise bother with (we’re Channel 4 News people). Today it wasn’t dumbed-down vox pops (I’ve whinged about those before) that caught our attention, but how incredibly ridiculous the presenters look. It’s not just the elaborate pop concert studio set that opens with an overbearing soundtrack and the pair standing in the middle looking lost, but the silly attempts to place the presenters on a par.

We had Nicholas Owen, who’s rather tall and Nina Hossain, who’s rather short. No big deal, you’d have thought. But it is for someone. Nicholas’s chair had been lowered so that the desk began above his chest. Nina’s had been raised so high her feet were clearly well off the ground and when she turned to interview someone on the big screen over her shoulder her bum came over the desk. All this so to get them at roughly the same head height. Yet we know he’s much taller than her because we saw them standing up at the start. And we’re over it! But now they both look really, really stupid.

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