I’ve a Googlewhack

Dave Gorman’s Googlewhack AdventureIt turns out I’ve got a Googlewhack… you’ll have to follow this link to Google to see it. I don’t know why, but I’m quite chuffed. And next to all the other Googlewhacks in the stack, I feel mine stands out as something somebody might have actually been looking for, as opposed to a totally unlikely combination of two words that would struggle to get into any reputable dictionary.

When Dave Gorman discovered he was a Googlewhack, it prompted him to embark on a 91,000 mile adventure. I guess the equivalent for me would be to embark on an investigation into the psychology of shrimps but, sadly, I’m not qualified for such a task. If somebody wants to take it on though, I’ll be happy to host a some photos of the confused beasts.

Thanks to Jo Brown, the Googlewhacker, for letting me know. She explains: ‘After watching Dave Gorman’s documentary of the same name, I had to have a go really… I just thought of the two most odd words that couldn’t possibly be used in the same sentence. It took a while.’

4 thoughts on “I’ve a Googlewhack

  1. Um, now that you’ve blogged that “b********** s*****” is a googlewhack, it isn’t a googlewhack any more, cos googling it produces two hits – one being your site. Werner Heisenberg eat your heart out: asserting this particular truth ends up invalidating it. Doh
    Reply: That’s why you won’t find those key words in the post and I’ve starred your comment

  2. This is your fellow googlewhackee. Is being chuffed a good thing or a bad thing? If it’s bad, I hope you feel better soon. I only speak American. That doesn’t mean I go around executing children or anything like that. I suppose I could consult the Oxford English Dictionary, but that would require effort.
    Reply: To explain, the Googlewhack’s been broken and chuffed is a good thing, a kind of surprised pleasure. It’s good to see that those Americans who are against executing children have prevailed.

  3. I found a googlewhack!!!!! Just type in carminative antidisestablishment on google!!!!! I did it I found a google whack!!

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