Jake & Dinos Chapman, Bad Art for Bad People: Tate Liverpool

It’s taken me a while to write up my experience of the Jake and Dinos Chapman retrospective at Tate Liverpool, Bad Art for Bad People as I came away with mixed feelings.

The Chapman Family Collection is excellent. These sculptures, at first sight relics of some ancient civilisation but defaced with McDonalds’ fries and shakes are clever. They seem to say that we haven’t really come that far, that our society might be ever so much more complex and sophisticated than those of centuries ago, but we’re just the same really. Yet so much else here comes across as rather juvenile; the improved Goyas at first sight being rather affected. But then perhaps the brothers really were so haunted by Goya’s etchings, which remain some of the most horrific images of war, that they had to vandalise them.

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