James Purnell and Hazel Blears: not saviours, but partners in crime

James Purnell at the Gunpowder Plot c.1605
Should the resignation of James Purnell, done in much the same style as Hazel Blears, cause Gordon Brown to resign as leader of the Labour Party a bitter taste will be left in many mouths.

Blears is now best known as one of the worst offenders in the MPs expenses crisis and should have been sacked for her sleazy publicity stunt in April. James Purnell made similarly dodgy expenses claims.

Yet these two now have the gall to present themselves as saviours of the Labour Party. Blears suddenly wants to support and encourage ‘ordinary people’ to do ‘extraordinary things’, while Purnell reassures us that he is not seeking to further his personal ambitions but acting out of love of party.

You’d certainly need a bath after being in the same room as these two slimy…

(Purnell is pictured above about to stab Guy Fawkes in the back at the Gunpowder Plot, after…)

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