James Purnell was not part of a plot: what a plonker

James Purnell as Che Guevara
Interviewed exclusively in the Manchester Evening News, James Purnell denies being part of a plot to oust Gordon Brown.

What a plonker. It seems Purnell, pictured above during his revolutionary phase, thought himself so important his resignation would be the killer blow to trigger the prime minister’s resignation.

The MEN’s David Ottewell still seems to hold a candle for the fallen minister, but can’t help painting him as a rather tragic figure. Perhaps he did have potential and perhaps he still does and at least he had the decency to wait for the ballot boxes to close, unlike apparent partner in crime Hazel Blears.

Nevertheless, James Purnell has not offered an alternative vision for the country or an exciting new strategy for Labour to win the next election. He remains tainted by scandal and apparently focussed on personality.

Hopefully Purnell will emerge from his self imposed wilderness years a humbled and committed team player.

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