Jamie Oliver’s slaughtered lamb

‘A chef who’s cooked 2,000 sheep should kill at least one, otherwise you’re a fake.’
Jamie Oliver

I don’t subscribe to the idea that those who eat meat should kill it themselves (although I once worked for an hereditary peer who sometimes claimed to follow that policy, though I’m not so sure) because if you must kill an animal it should be done in a way that minimises its suffering rather than your hypocrisy. And while I don’t eat meat (or perhaps because I don’t), I’m more than happy to see Jamie Oliver exposing his fans, and more importantly fans of lamb, to the reality that a cute fluffy thing dies for them.

This really shouldn’t be a shock to anybody. But if it is a shock and, having reflected, you come to view that lambs needn’t be killed and that the world would be a better place if they didn’t suffer in this way, simply stop eating them. Those who react to stuff they find horrible by pretending it doesn’t exist, rather than recognising that choices they make contribute to the nastiness and changing their ways appropriately, really are dangerous.

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  1. When I was a child we raised goats and chickens and my parents had a small business selling goats’ milk (good for eczema sufferers). Male kids were taken to the slaughterhouse (back when there was a local slaughterhouse within twenty miles, heaven knows how far you’d have to take them now) and we ate them. So I guess I’ve been closer than most to the reality of eating meat.

    I’m trying to source my meat from local butchers and direct from the farmers where possible (the Farmers Markets are a boon for this). I’m not about to stop eating meat, but I fully agree with Jamie Oliver’s stance, and also with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s assertion that we should treat the animals properly whilst they’re alive.

  2. I wasn’t criticising all meat eaters, just those who seek protection from the unpleasantness of slaughter by keeping it, together with related animal welfare issues, out of sight and out of mind.

  3. ” I wasn?t criticising all meat eaters, just those who seek protection from the unpleasantness of slaughter by keeping it, together with related animal welfare issues, out of sight and out of mind.”

    Urm so what *IS* your point exactly, twat features?

  4. Stephen, you are a little confused. I raised Lamb for ten years, and know a lot about them. “Lamb” when butchered, are almost always 120 lbs or more. They are not “cute fluffy things”, but much more closely resemble full grown sheep. If you are going to exaggerate to make your point, at least do a little research. Yes, Mary had a little lamb. . . .but no one ate it till it grew up.

  5. It’s pretty obvious to me that I’m not meant to eat meat in significant portions. One look at an animal and the last thing I’d do is kill it for food. What happens in our slaughterhouses every day every year is beyond insane. When I see raw meat, I want to throw up. When I see an apple on a tree, I want to eat it. That’s all I need to know. That’s all that god needs to tell me. God tells me that we’re fruitarians, grains/nuts, and meat LAST. If you eat meat, eat it sparingly or nature will come back to haunt you.

  6. The garden of eden was a place of peace and harmony. Adam did not eat the animals. He ate from the trees. This is a message that god meant us to remember. If you’re not getting this message then you’re not listening. God is always at the door, you only have to let him in.

    If that doesn’t convince you then I will point to what science says are our closest relatives, the monkey. The monkey primarily eats fruits and nuts. The “meat” that they eat is what’s known as an insect, and it composes maybe 2-4% of their diet. We, like monkies, are best suited for a low-fat high carb diet (non-refined carbs) to fuel an energetic lifestyle. If you’re doing anything else, you’re depriving yourself of productive, easy energy.

    If you want to eat better, reduce your stress levels. When our body gets stressed, you lose “feel good” neurotransmitters. This means you tend towards high fat high caloric sugary foods to give a “high”. This is not balanced, and it’s one of hte major reasons the american diet has become so unhealthy.

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