Japanese kill MP’s whale

John Leech MP gets the hump about Japanese whaling‘Japanese kill MP’s whale’ is the headline Ifaw’s going for after persuading sixty MPs to adopt a whale in the sights of Japan’s bogus marine scientists.

My local MP, John Leech, has adopted Coda and I was surprised to find he’s sharing parenting duties with at least one other MP. I’d have made it one MP per whale to maximise the chances of securing that headline.

The Japanese aim to kill 50 humpbacks, from a world population of just 1,500. So officially Coda has a 3.3 per cent chance of making it the restaurant table as the by-product of scientific research that aims to uncover just how hard it is to kill a whale. But whale hunters often find it hard to stick to targets – out at sea you don’t know how successful your mates have been – and may well kill a few extras to be sure.

John’s suffered some playground style mickey taking recently over his lack of Facebook friends, but lets hope local wags avoid the temptation to joke that he has at least one friend now.

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