Jerry Springer: the Opera protester

Click to see ‘Jerry Springer: the Opera protester’ in a variety of different sizesThis was the intimidating figure who greeted us as we left the matinee performance of Jerry Springer: the Opera this afternoon. We prefer matinees as you can go for a meal after; today was the Ox, which the Independent rates the country’s best gastropub. And very good it was too. The opera was also good, but more on that later.

The protesters’ big mistake was to picket the theatre at the end of the show: too late. A woman who might have been this guy’s mother followed us up the road and asked what we thought of the show: ‘Very good.’

‘Would you like to know what we think?’ she asked, rather ineptly. ‘No, not really,’ Katharine replied. We politely stifled our giggles.
Addendum: It’s worth recording that the first night saw a counter demonstration that outnumbered the Christians (who I feel are pretty misguided; Jerry chooses God in the end, what more do you want?).
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