Cllr John Leech MP: Sorry mate, but you’re a ‘Fib Dem’

Cllr John Leech MP: Sorry mate, but you’re a ‘Fib Dem’Time to hold my hand up: I am the Labour member who dared to criticise his local Lib Dem councillors’ anti-phone mast campaign. So angry did this make Cllr John Leech MP, that I was warned that a failure to apologise would result in his next Focus newsletter ‘point[ing] out that local Labour members have been publicly critical’. And so it has come to pass. Goodness! I’m front page news.

But not without some mighty fibbing. One of the few to think John isn’t all bad, I tend to wince at the ‘Fib Dem’ label as it’s such a cheap shot. But this time it’s true. Our email correspondence makes clear that this should read: ‘one member of the local Labour Party publicly criticised the Lib Dems.’ And an insignificant one at that.

Perhaps I should be annoyed that while John agrees that I’ve published a fair summary of his position, his Focus offers no right to reply and never carries corrections or clarifications. Perhaps I should point score by highlighting the views of Liberal First who, writing on a blog ‘run by a collective of Lib Dem members [and] activists’, criticised the party’s ‘trivial’ Post Office petitions (this campaign is just a cynical ploy to collect campaign data apparently). But that makes me look cheap too.

How disappointing that John intends to fight a petty, bad tempered little campaign, spun to the point of dishonesty come the next election. (Labour want to replace trees with phone masts?!) Fortunately Labour will not be able to sink to the same level, as I know of no Lib Dem supporting blogs in the constituency to fib about.

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  1. Many congratulations! They had me in by name as a former candidate and I think my extremely irreverent blog was promoted to being an official Labour website. Will stick a quick link in for now. May blog it more later. And I’ll suggest my friend “Withington Observer” who has a fierce blog ready to roll soon will add it to their hoaxes section.

  2. Wot a rotter!! He is increasingly erratic in leaflets these days. No clear message. Loads of typos. Facts wrong.Some of the stuff they have been putting out is shocking quality. Sentences cut off halfway through, picture with wrong captions, poor graphics, out of date figures. I think his eye is off the ball and he is distracted by other stuff elsewhere. I guess he is also trying to calculate when the General Election could be. If he gets his decision whether to stand for teh council agin wrong he could go from ‘two jobs’ to ‘no jobs’ in a very short space of time. Shame.Good blog Stephen.

  3. By the way you could blog some of his emails. Don’t worry about confidentiality. He quoted directly from a private email from me in the South Manchester Reporter once!!

  4. Have his express permission to quote from our email correspondence. One day I will.

    I have ended up coming out in favour of masts – being a mobile user (and with half a brain and a little science in the mix) I could hardly do anything else. It is also worth noting that Leech has given at least one press interview in which he claimed that the Council had not tried to stop this particular mast. Absolutely untrue. I think he must have known that. So that’s a bare-faced lie. If he didn’t know that’s bare-arsed incompetency.

    Incompetent or liar? Which is it to be John boy?

    Just put some Lib Dems right on an error amounting to EIGHT YEARS (almost). Did they give me a credit for the assist? Sadly No.

    It is a long and uphill struggle to deal with some of these dog whistle campaigns of theirs by leadership and education. They choose sensationalism, we must choose sanity, which let’s face it may be hard for some of them …

  5. John Leech doesn’t comment on blogs in order to preserve the dignity of the office he holds, but doesn’t realise how much this kind of petty behaviour damages voters’ faith in all politicians. I think it was right to point out the lie, but I don’t think publishing our private correspondence would add anything. We should all try to rise above this sort of thing and not sink to our opponents’ level.

    Leading on a failed campaign is a strange decision. No significant achievements are reported elsewhere in the leaflet and if it reflects the amount of work being done on our behalf, then our MP and local councillors have been incredibly lazy.

  6. He doesn’t comment on blogs personally thats true. He certainly gets his little elves to comment plenty though.

    Agree about the personal e-mails though. Shouldn’t be as rude as him I guess.

    They are lazy arent’ they.

  7. Hmmm, this is ridiculous. It serves to show a few things about the liberal democrats in Manchester.

    Lack of thinking, lack of principles and lack of any joined up thinking whatsoever.

    Course mobile phone masts have to exist and its just ridiculous typical lib dem nimbyism to start opposing them. You get a ton of radiation when you speak on a mobile for 10 mins anyway.

    Furthermore, it is typical of the type of cynical ”campaign” that they usually run.

    Why does everything have to be abt gainging 1200/1300 votes to win a council election rather than some joined up thinking and campaigning to prove the lives of the people of Manchester.

    I vote labour, can’t say that my family always have done or will.

    The one thing I just don’t get from the liberal democrats in Manchester that maybe they sometimes manage to do nationally is a bit of vision. What kind of city do they want? Well, judging from the eveidence so far, one where they can carry on claiming their allowances.

  8. and in the case of John Leech what magnificent allowances they are. Nearly 200 grand last year

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