John Leech MP: I was wrong#5

Late last week, I received a letter from John Leech MP for Withington regarding my post St. Werburgh’s Road: Chorlton’s Metrolink station to be. My initial response was to write back to John suggesting he use the blog’s commenting facility. However, following a telephone conversation earlier today I have agreed that the original post requires correction.

In this post I stated that John was spreading a scare story that funding for the recently announced Metrolink extension would be withdrawn if Manchester did not agree to a congestion charge. This assertion was based on the South Manchester Reporter’s front page of 7 July: ‘Congestion charge to pay for Metrolink’ ‘Motorists will be hit with congestion charges if the Metrolink “Big Bang” extension is given the go-ahead, according to south Manchester MP John Leech.’

John has pointed out that the Metrolink extension to Chorlton was announced on 6 July. This would have been after the South Manchester Reporter had gone to press and John suggests their front page would have been rather different had the announcement been made slightly earlier.

It is now clear that I was mistaken. I was wrong to read the South Manchester Reporter’s story as John’s response to the announced ‘Little Bang’ Metrolink extension (a development of which he was unaware when speaking to the South Manchester Reporter). In fact, John was making on-going comment the proposed ‘Big Bang’ extension. Furthermore, it is almost certainly the case that extending Metrolink further towards Manchester Airport, Didsbury, Ashton-under-Lyne and Rochdale will come with strings attached and that those strings will take the form of some sort of road pricing.
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