Jonathan Ross winds up the Daily Mail

Jonathan Ross isn’t my cup of tea, but my mum thinks he adorable and if visiting on a weekend, we expect to be treated to his chat show on a Friday night and to have his radio show on in the background on Saturday morning). This is despite her tendency to flinch at any hint of swearing and say, ‘people don’t really use that language in the real world’. I think she sees him as a totally harmless but very cheeky little school boy. His suspension was quite upsetting, so she’ll be pleased he’s soon to come back.

Anyway. Ross deserves full marks for winding up the Daily Mail by boasting of how he’s enjoying his suspension. ‘What a twit,’ says the Mail, but we know they’re seething.

Meanwhile, today’s hint of titillation for the boys, ‘Rihanna narrowly avoids wardrobe malfunction as she performs in yet another barely-there outfit’, delivers little, but lady readers are treated to a host of bare-chested hunks to brighten their day, including Prince Charles.

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