Journey South on CD:UK

Speaking of reality TV (as I kind of was) it was excruciating to see Journey South perform The Beatles Let It Be on CD:UK and hearing Lauren Laverne invoke the ‘better than the Beatles cliché’ was muesli choking. Perhaps I won’t be bothering with XFM after all.

I do have a soft spot for pop. It’s mostly harmless, fun, naïve and disposable. It’s the last aspect that means I don’t actually buy it save for All Saints’ Saints and Sinners, which is one of the finest albums ever made. The other thing about pop is that while you may hate its sickly-sweetness and lack of sophistication at the time, years later it’s pop that gets you all nostalgic.

So when a duo of no-marks who did okay on some reality show, because the guru of the day sees they brush up well and are easily manipulated, end up doing a bad karaoke version of an overrated Beatles track… well… well someone needs to speak out.

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