Julie Burchill a Chav… hardly

Julie Burchill’s documentary on Chavs was well hyped but total nonsense. Well the first half was, because we gave up at that point to see David Walliams and Matt Lucus’s Real Little Britain.

According to Burchill all working class people are Chavs, but nobody on the miners’ strike picket lines she showed was blinged-up or wearing a tracksuit or designer gear. Even more ridiculously, she’s bidding to be spokesperson for the Chavs, but not once was she shown pushing a pram in Ugh boots. Chavs are merely a subsection of the working class, mostly drawn from poor white trash, and certainly not the majority. Burchill may be proudly working class herself, but she’s obviously spent far too long away.

Meanwhile, Lucas and Walliams produced a totally unpretentious documentary (which only touched on Chavs) that let the subjects do the talking. There was a great moment when the Chav teenager, who’d given up on school to work in a pub, had to watch her boss’s impression of her on the phone. Her face was painted with a look of sudden and truly horrible self-realisation. (Note to Burchill: both these women were working class, but only one was a Chav.) There’s a subtext here of course. Little Britain’s been criticised by other professionally working class writers for misrepresenting the proletariat, but this shows us that all too often these people are very real. But then is it any surprise a country with a population over 60m throws up some real characters?
Complaining Little Britain… challenging Peter Kay……That’s just like… sooo Little Britain

9 thoughts on “Julie Burchill a Chav… hardly

  1. Having typed “Julie Burchill Chav” into Google, I’m attempting to find someone on the internet who actually thinks Ms. Burchill’s documentary was a well-executed piece of journalistic genius. I’ve yet to find any. I agree with you, by the way – she’s a tit.

  2. just saw burchill’s documentary repeated. just want to say you hit the nail on the head, not all working class people are chavs, not all chavs are working class.

    she missed the point completely.

  3. I saw Julie Burchill pontificating last night too with her working class credentials (nice to see she’s kept her inheritance despite her middle class profession and lifestyle, she obviously hasn’t been stopped by many market researchers in the high street).

    I thought her ‘middle class people are just jealous’ theme was well executed in her nasty little whine and can’t wait for her to move from Brighton to my home town to spend time with the people she so obviously adores. Tit indeed.

  4. Hi – I was just trying to jog my own memory about Burchill’s awful programme, and this site came up. Glad to see a few others who get the point. Chav is about the three A’s:
    attire, attitude, accessories

    Class doesn’t come into it. Burchill is a total moron.

  5. Burchill is a typical marxist lefty,like Billy Bragg
    and the rest of them,endlessly banging on about places and people they have deserted in pursuit of a “better life” that those they left behind can only dream of.

  6. I also typed her name and ‘chav’ into Google to try and find opinions on this awful excuse for a documentary.

    Chavs are criminal/scrounging/anti-social class, not honest, salt-of-the-earth, cheerfully poor, working class. Or at least they were last time I put my Brogues on and hopped into the Bentley.

    She’s either put too many drugs up her bum and has missed the point entirely, or is she trying to shift public consciousness for some strange (probably self serving) reason. Bunch of arse. Glad to see what’s-her-face grew a new septum, but appears to have a very tight top lip.

  7. Hi,

    I recently watched the programme again and her point of view was that middle class are jealous of working class this is not true at all. I am middle class and my dad is a teacher who works in the local school, the majority of the students are working class and even up to the age of 16 some STILL can’t read or write now this is not because of the education system lacking in efforts, its the parents who dont care at all about their childs education. i see chavs as those who rely on benefits, exercise physical, verbal and racial abuse on people they dont even know, wear cheap clothing, have no ambitions in life and slowly kill the small amoutn of brain cells they have in their brain by gradually drinking themsleves into an alcoholic state in the pub (where they live) just like their dad. So thank you chav scum for ruining other peoples lives hopefulyl we can send you all to a private piece of land where you can do what you do best …..breed.

    Get a bloody education chavs and then you wont be hated so much, and why do you all work around as if one leg is broken and your holding your groin as if is will fall off !!!!

  8. I saw this poor excuse for a documentary – awful. You can’t go making all those accusations if you’ve got the initial definition of a Chav wrong. Before the media got hold of the word ‘Chav’ everyone understood what it meant and why it was best to avoid them. After the rancid media took the word, rinsed it with incorrect stereotypes, threw some upper class opinions at it and let Campbell spew a load of BS in its direction it became a comical thing like Ali G. Then you get your usual lefty minor celebs coming out of their middle class lifes getting the wrong impression and directing their ill informed rants at the middle classes, whilst completly insulting the working class.
    She’s a moron.

  9. Cos like that Julie Burchill, yer know, like, up yer arse, cos she’s like, yer know, total moron and like, yer know, she makes shit, thinks she’s working class and she ain’t cos she’s just, yer know, groucho club crap ‘ead, like Maxist Leftie fascist bigot innit, ‘as a go at middle-class but ends up insulting work class, wotaslappa, chavs is brain-dead innit cos of all the boozin’ an’ the lak of education like my dad knows cos ‘e’s a teacher innit, an’ skool’s all like, full on morons innit cos the parents all piss-eds innit…. and slowly on so forth etcetera. News flash, chavs ain’t the only morons.

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