Kaiser Chiefs, V 2005

As the rain pours, I’m preparing for a weekend in the great outdoors at V Festival 2007.
This post is primarily to test ShoZu, a video upload service. Here’s the Kaiser Chiefs from V Festival 2005.

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One thought on “Kaiser Chiefs, V 2005

  1. Oh well. I reckon ShoZu’s rubbish. What I’m after is something that embeds the video in the page, not something that plasters its logo everywhere for sake of a simple link.

    And I can’t get predictive text to work so writing each entry would take all day.

    ShoZu’s big USP is the claim to reduce the amount of data transferred, but with the new ‘all you can eat’ data tariffs, who cares about that?

    I’ll stick to emailing to YouTube. If only they automatically embedded the video on the page like Flickr does with photos…

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