Kate Middleton Topless: Royals playing the Diana card is very silly

I’d happily link to pictures published (in print only for now) in French Closer of Kate Middleton topless but tracking them down is a little too much effort (surely some perv’s scanned them by now!).

Anyway. The royals playing the Diana card — ‘incident is reminiscent of the worst excesses of the press and paparazzi during the life of Diana’ — is very silly. Diana died because she allowed herself to be driven recklessly and at high speed through the streets of Paris by a chauffeur under the influence of alcohol and attempts to shift the blame onto others are unseemly.

Most frightening for the royals must be the knowledge that outside of the UK, they are mere celebrities and so incidents like this are inevitable. Like so many celebrities who have actually achieved nothing by their own effort, the royals are very keen to court the media when it suits: the royal family depends for its survival on a maintaining a certain mythology. Photos of Kate Middleton topless, Prince Harry naked and so on help to demystify the royal family and reveal its members to be me mere humans after all. The royals’ hysteria over a topless Kate Middleton is fed not by memories of Diana (who didn’t do them any favours), but by the fear that the people, fed up with supporting their lavish lifestyles, will come to their senses and decide the monarchy has had its day.

It is most certainly in the public interest that the royals be fully exposed to our scrutiny.

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