Kate Nash, Manchester Apollo


The Supremes’ Stop in the Name of Love announced Kate Nash at the Manchester Apollo, in keeping with the retro thing so many female artists — Amy Winehouse, Duffy, Adele — have going on right now and was allowed to play out in full before she kind of shuffled on to the stage. And having arrived, clearly lacking confidence she hardly interacted with the crowd except to remark on how big the place was. As a result there were moments when she seemed to be going through the motions. Rather strangely, the spot lights were fixed which created an opportunity step out of limelight and hide in shadows from time to time

But none of this mattered to the crowd, who were mostly too young to know any better and determined to give all they had to having a good time… and good for them.

She kind of shuffled off for her pre-encore break, which felt a tad long, and the Supremes returned all too soon to call time, perhaps ten minutes earlier than advertised. But this was a school night.
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