Keep Freedom of Information free

Over on my public relations blog, I’m supporting a campaign to keep Freedom of Information requests free. The Freedom of Information Act is one of the government’s most important achievements; placing an obligation on the public sector to share information with the rest of us. Over time, it’s sure to play a key role in combating the culture of secrecy that engulfs government as procedures are forced to change following the vigorous application of the law… that’s the theory anyway.

Unfortunately, the government is threatening to undo much of that good work by introducing fees for information requests. This is a very bad thing and the suggestion comes against the clear findings of the relevant select committee.

Fortunately, a cross party campaign to keep freedom of information free is gaining momentum.

Last week I asked my MP, John Leech, to sign an Early Day Motion to keep Freedom of Information free. And he did. So why not ask your MP to do same?

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