Keeping it real

For some reason Chartshow TV wasn’t on in the gym this morning so we had Key 103 instead. I don’t dislike Key 103, but radio advertising isn’t even good enough for to make it to Naïve Marketing Strategies. The music was good, we had The La’s with There She Goes from 1990, Soul II Soul’s Keep on Movin’ from 1989 and, to be fair, a bit of Justin Timberlake (Rock Your Body) which is just a year old. Key 103 isn’t supposed to be a gold station, which makes me fear commercial radio may be going the same way as radio in the States. (Driving around Maine a couple of years ago, all we got was not-so-golden oldies – what do people under 40 listen to?)

Anyway. Driving home I was back to Radio 1 and while I had to put up with Pink, what makes the whole thing much more stimulating is that its contemporary and therefore fresh. The The La’s take me back to my university days and Soul II Soul is reminiscent of rare respite in purgatory. And that’s what makes great music. Today we have some great pop music – I’m thinking Jamelia, Kelis, Outkast – and because its now it doesn’t have the baggage of memory (and don’t good memories tend to lead leave you nostalgically melancholic?). So it was fitting that Scott Mills (standing in for Chris Moyles) had Frankee, destined to be the most ephemeral of all pop stars, following on from The Strokes to plug F U Right Back her alleged response to current number one, Fuck It (I Don’t Want You Back) by Eamon.

She started badly with a faux pas to make Tim Kash look knowledgeable; failing to get the Sister Sledge reference in the opening banter. And downhill it went, although she seemed nice enough. Mills subjected to her short quiz to determine whether Frankee really is Eamon’s ex. Despite claiming in the song that Eamon’s ‘sex was whack’, she was unable to confirm whether he has a hairy back. That was the clincher for me and I nearly texted in on 81199 with a ‘no’, thousands did text and few were convinced by the naughty madam. Nevertheless, Fuck It (I Don’t Want You Back) remains an excellent pop song that explores the pain of break-up with honesty and well deserves its third week at number one. And Frankee’s effort ain’t bad either; so it’s all fake – does that matter?
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