Kelis and the Millionaire pun

Kelis & Andre 3000 MillionaireEnjoying Kelis & Andre 3000’s Millionaire at the moment; a perfect little pop record from two artists are the top of that game. But what’s intriguing me is the radio edit as Radio 1 seems to have two. It comes down to Andre 3000’s rap; ‘Wherever there are cats there are dogs / If you got the dogs you got bitches / B****** always out to put their paws on your riches’, (see how I’ve censored this). ‘Bitches’ is only offensive the second time it’s used and so should only be censored (if censored at all) on that occasion. Yet on Radio 1 it’s sometimes censored both times and sometimes not at all. Bizarre.

(BTW the Amazon track listing just says ‘radio edit’, so who knows what you’ll get.)

V Festival 2004: Sunday

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