Kilroy-Silk: the ‘Veritas’ on immigrant kids

We can rest assured that the Jamaican-born black boxer who speaks for Kilroy-Silk’s Veritas on sport is no token appointment, but can be relied upon to tow the party’s common sense (i.e. common prejudice) line. Speaking to Britain’s Black Newspaper, The Voice, Winston McKenzie’s displayed impeccable logic in explaining why immigrants should be discouraged from bringing their children to the UK: ‘Because these children come here and don’t understand the culture here, or the idea of Britishness, they cause trouble in the schools and then all black people are given the label of “bad parents”,’ he explains here. ‘We need to limit the number of them coming in. In four or five years our prisons will be overcrowded because these children will turn to crime.’ That’s right: he’s saying black immigrant kids turn to crime because they don’t know what Britishness is.

I’d have a very hard time defining Britishness too, but somehow I feel I fit in and have never been tempted to turn to a life of crime. My experience of school life’s a bit dated. But in the early to mid-80s I went to a racially mixed inner city London school and it was most unpleasant. Muggings – including that of my chemistry teacher – were common. Racist incidents beyond taunts were actually fairly rare and, to be honest, race was just another reason to kick-off. The hardest trouble makers were invariably poor white trash (not that black kids were saints). Now I live in the city that hands more Anti-Social Behaviour Orders than anywhere else; the Evening News loves to publish a picture and they’re always poor white trash. Take a look at these: A, B, C, D, E, F. That’s the first half-dozen photos found with this Google search.

Britishness is important though, which is why I’m all for reclaiming the flag. But the argument that immigration leads to social unrest is inherently racist: it is to accept that the indigenous population is intolerant, as there’d be no trouble if it was accepting, and to say that we’re happy to let that racism go unchallenged.
Saving England’s Flag……Robert Kilroy-Silk, Jonathan Lockhart & Ailis Ni Rian……Getting the Indy past the BNP

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