King Bladud’s Pigs, Bath


Stars of the show in Bath right now are King Bladud’s Pigs of which there are 100 to spot and photograph (or climb on, if you happen to be a small child).

Bath has been inspired by the Cow Parade, which hit Manchester in 2004 as part of a world tour, and the local legend of an ancient king forced to live as a swineherd on account of his leprosy, which was miraculously cured by the waters of the Celtic god Sul. These waters were rededicated 1,000 years later to Sulis Minerva (a kind of religious co-branding) by the Romans and jump forward a couple of millennia and yours truly could be found having a dip.

We only managed to photograph 23 pigs, although we saw quite a few more from the car, but the real disappointment was not being able to buy a small replica. Bath Aqua Glass offer limited edition King Bladad piglets (we own number 67), but it’s not the same thing. It turns out organisers are worried people might sell them on eBay… so what if they do?

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