King of Shaves’ AlphaOil shaving oil

King of Shaves’ AlphaOilFollowing the advice of Will King (that is, the King of Shaves himself) I’ve splashed out on the AlphaOil shaving oil (with Menthol) and I have to say I’m impressed. At more than £3 for a tiny bottle those searching for value may be put off, but things are not all they seem… there’re a hundred shaves in there.

A few drops massaged into the beard, a few seconds for it soak in and it looks like your shaving without any lubricant. But far from it and you can see what you’re doing. There’s no need to rinse off after either, just pat dry and slap on your usual moisturiser. The only odd thing was that this came with a note saying the product I’d just purchased was good, but I really should have bought the serum… doh!

Meanwhile, I’ve also treated myself to a second Gillette Fusion Power razor for the gym and while the indicator strip that changes from blue to white to let you know when to change cartridge is there, it’s not mentioned on any of the packaging… which is a bit silly and means I wasn’t being dim last time around.

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  1. Hi Stephen,

    Our shave serums are certainly great, and we also have a ‘silicon enhanced’ shaving oil, Kinexium ST which is an ideal complement to Fusion.

    Drop me an email with your address, and we’ll send you some additional products to trial. Your feedback greatly appreciated.


    Will King

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