kissmyfeet, Beech Road, Chorlton-cum-Hardy

Click to see ‘Kleeneze: Just say no’ in a variety of different sizesIt is good to be able to shop local, something I do not out of ideology, but because Chorlton has some great little shops.

Take kissmyfeet. You won’t find a huge range, nor will you find anything particularly inexpensive, but you’ll always find just the thing. I wish I’d come here first, instead of Europe’s largest Next, where I’ve bought shoes before; this season Next have plenty to choose from but all feels cheap.
This posted via mobile via Flickr and so not so closely proofread. Click the pic to see it large (there’s an ‘all-sizes’ tab for really large).

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  1. self promotion methinks. It IS expensive and what the hell has it got to do with Next?

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