Kleeneze: Just say no

Click to see ‘Kleeneze: Just say no’ in a variety of different sizesThe little Kleeneze man is today’s tinker. Dropping off a brochure of tat to be collected a couple of days later. In some ways he is to be pitied; the commission on a bottle of oven cleaner can’t be that much. How can the Kleeneze man hope to make minimum wage after hours of delivering and collecting?

It’s the simple economics of Kleeneze that almost certainly explains why the Kleeneze man gets so cross when people fail to leave out the catalogue. Ours has taken to pasting these notices on front doors so all the neighbours can see who has kept (more likely binned) it. But nobody is under any obligation to follow Kleeneze’s instructions and spend days considering their brochure of crap before lowering the tone of the neighbourhood by leaving it in a plastic bag on the doorstep.

It’s time to say no to Kleeneze. Bin the catalogue for the little man’s own good and send him to a more lucrative existance on the dole from where he may eventually be hoovered up onto to some government scheme and trained to do something useful.
This posted via mobile via Flickr and so not so closely proofread. Click the pic to see it large (there’s an ‘all-sizes’ tab for really large).

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  1. Kleeneze works. It’s people who don’t work.
    I started Kleeneze in 1969 and then was warning more part time than my dad full time. I was a door to door salesman knocking doors presenting products, sharing a small square catalogue and picking up orders. Back then ‘unemployment’ was not a subject of discussion as there were plenty of jobs. There was not the pressure for women to go out to work and so many were at home. And because I was presenting not just a catalogue but also had a case of product samples and no competition sales were rife.
    Today things have changed for the better. We have mykleeneze.com websites and new people have the choice to join free or invest in a larger business kit. it is true that catalogue losses occur when letter boxing as you’ve know idea if the house is occupied, you don’t know if people want the book or not. But while you lose a few catalogues you gain customers many of whom remaining loyal to you and Kleeneze for years. My preferred method is as 40 years ago. Knocking and presenting. 25 new customers a day is an achievable target by anyone and if it’s maintained 5 days every week then that’s 500 new customers every 4 weeks. And if this is sustained then you’ll build a retail base that can earn you more than £4000 a month. You need to keep adding new customers to replace those you lose.
    Sharing the opportunity with others is where the money is. We look constantly for those with aspirations to join the 5%, those willing to graft until they achieve their goals. My site is 4abetterincome dot com if youre interested in finding out more.
    Thank you for sharing this site.

  2. They’ve just started delivering Kleeneze round my way, after years of being free of them. Strangely enough, a Betterware catalog appeared in the same week after a similarly welcome lengthy absence. Both went in the bin; I see it as a kindness, that’ll encourage them not to waste their or my time again. I hate all junk mail, but I reserve a particular loathing for junk mailers that have the cheek to ask for their rubbish back.

  3. Fact: 97 % of all Kleeneze agents quit,having LOST money.
    Obviously this is all their fault and not the crumby business.

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