Knocker Jungle

Asked to review Knocker Jungle, I was initially suspicious of the pitch – especially given the clarity of the recording and the dearth of information on the internet – that this is a long lost work by a legendary, or rather mythical, late ’60s rock band. But it seems they’re for real.

And the music isn’t bad. A little reminiscent of Arthur Lee’s Love. But that comparison is a little generous and the closest to a stand out track is a cover of It Ain’t Necessarily So. You might imagine them doing a soundtrack for something like the Wicker Man.

Given that the album, first released in 1970, was effectively repressed after the band split in the run up to release, it does have a limited curiosity value. Even so, it can’t be said to have influenced anyone, although it does effectively evoke the corrupt dark side of the flower power era. At the risk of being unnecessarily cruel, it may have been better to leave Knocker Jungle as a myth… or it might just be I’m on the wrong drugs.
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