Let the Americans take Cadbury’s!

‘Chocolate, after all, is one of the few foodstuffs for which Britain can claim a good culinary reputation.’
Andrew Clark, The Observer

By 5pm British confectioner Cadbury’s could be under American ownership and for some this will be a blow to Britain’s standing in the world… but only those who know no better. Cadbury’s should be a cause for national embarrassment, rather than pride.

Yet sadly, many of us are addicted to this junk food and genuinely believe that foreigners should envy us. A friend of my mother recently visited her daughter in New York with a case of Dairy Milk to be introduced to her American children, which is a bit scary.

As Andrew Clark reports, Cadbury’s Dairy Milk may not be called chocolate in the USA, a country known for generous portions of comfort food rather than cuisine, because it is made from such low quality ingredients. Europeans have long agreed, famously attempting to block Cadbury’s dairy fat and sugar compound from being labelled chocolate on the continent. Cadbury’s Dairy Milk contains little cacao solid (without which it isn’t chocolate). Their website explains this is because they replace the cacao solids with milk solids, otherwise known as fat. Cadbury’s will never have a good reputation abroad, but its sweet and comforting combination of sugar and fat can be addictive and is something that reminds ex-pats of home.

So let the Americans take Cadbury’s. They’re unlikely to replace cheaply made product with something of quality, but at least we’ll have someone else to blame for our poor dietary habits.

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