KT Tunstall, Suddenly I See: spare a thought for#6

It may no longer be on the on the Radio 1 playlist, but that doesn’t mean they don’t manage to slip KT Tunstall’s Suddenly I See on so often you’d think it the only thing she’s done. It’s clearly someone’s favourite record and it’s okay for a pop song with a country lilt.

She must have been dead chuffed when they stuck it on the playlist months before it’s release and kept playing it while it was in the shops… but long after it had left the shops too? By the time I saw her at V, it was ever such a familiar little tune. But they still haven’t stopped. And they never play any of her other stuff, which is just as good. A whole album and a couple more singles.

So wherever KT goes people must stop and ask, ‘Oh yeah, Suddenly I See. Isn’t it time for a follow-up? You don’t want to become a one hit wonder.’
John Harris & Britpop

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