La Machine, Liverpool 2008


Liverpool, a so far lacklustre City of Culture 2008, certainly pulled out the stops this weekend with La Machine, some truly spectacular street theatre. Liverpool was transformed into the set for a 1950s style sci-fi as La Princesse, a 50ft spider, stalked the city streets, indulging in a water ballet one minute, battling the planet’s defenders the next.

Fortunately, while much of the country was under water Saturday was mostly fine in Liverpool and the enormous crowd following the La Princesse around could not have had a better time; 200,000 turned out for £1.8m show; a bargain at £9 per head.

City of Culture should have put on far more of these popular, inspirational events. La Machine brought the people of Liverpool – and a great many tourists – out on to the streets with a genuine community spirit and encouraged us all to look at the city anew.
More La Machine photos here.

One thought on “La Machine, Liverpool 2008

  1. Credit where it’s due for Liverpool City Council and the much maligned Warren Bradley, forced to defend his council’s decision to invest £1.8m live on Friday’s North West Tonight with La Princesse experiencing temporary mechanical failure in the background of the shot.

    The whole event was fantastic and completely captured the imagination of the whole city, which at least appreciated the event, if not fully understanding it. The most surreal element was surely the members of the orchestra hoisted 50 feet in the air by various cherry pickers to accompany the beast through the streets. Brilliant stuff.

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