La-Z-Boy, i-chair gamepod or Inflatable Massage Chair: READER OFFER

I tend to associate Jimmy Saville with this sort of thing, but you should think of the ultra-hip Joey from Friends. In England we say ‘lah-zed-boy’, but put on an American accent and you’re there: ‘Lay-zee-boy’. ‘Lazy Boy Chair’, geddit?

Unlike Jimmy’s chair which had a robot arm that handed out enormous bling-bling Jim’ll Fix It badges, this is far more useful. The La-Z-Boy Oasis (buy here) isn’t just handmade and covered in grade 5 black leather and the La-Z-Boy isn’t just a fully reclinable armchair. Oh no. The La-Z-Boy’s built in fridge holds six cans, where it contacts the lumber region it’s gently heated (leather can be cold) and the La-Z-Boy boasts a six-motor massage system. So it really is the ultimate in bachelor pad furniture.

And yet La-Z-Boy is not the only gay in the village. For the more active man, there’s the I-Chair Gamepod Multimedia Interactive Chair (buy here). The I-Chair is not for relaxing on: this is a fully interactive multimedia chair. You can connect it to anything that makes a noise – television, hi-fi, MP3 player – and has a standard phono or scart socket. But it’s best with a games console. This chair jumps around (so you don’t have to) and places its speakers around your head for total gaming emersion.

Buy an Inflatable Massage ChairAnd that’s not all. Last, but not least, is the Inflatable Massage Chair (buy here). In many ways, no less impressive than it’s counterparts, the Inflatable Massage Chair gets up in just a minute thanks to its electric pump and offers nine functions with three intensity settings. Tiny when deflated for easy storage, the Inflatable Massage Chair even comes with its own puncture repair kit. Can’t say fairer than that… enjoy!

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