Labour should have been more positive

As the polls close I fear the worst. It’s been important to stay positive as once you lose your fight you lose the fight. If I’m wrong, I shall refer you to my post of yesterday and put this down to stress. But as the polls close one can admit to doubts and I fear that Cameron has snuck in with a working majority. It’s time to tighten your belts… look who’s back.
Thatcher's back, Stevenson Square, Manchester
The uplifting highlight of the campaign was Gordon Brown’s speech to the Manchester Rally. A few minutes in he started listing Labour’s achievements over a standing ovation that felt like it would never end. A few minutes after that he told us what Labour would do with a fourth term, another long inspiring list.

We should have done much, much more of that.

In Burnage until 10pm last night, the leaflets I delivered warned people not to let the Tories by the back door by voting Lib Dem. That was an important message, but I’d rather have been energising them with the promise of a £7 minimum wage (a pledge I only learned of on at that rally). I fear that here in Manchester Withington the Lib Dems have held on. Their literature was not just more plentiful — they had much more money here — but more substantial too. While they didn’t run a particularly positive campaign, they weren’t shy of claiming achievements (that those claims were often dubious, is neither here not there).

But if I’m wrong… the people should brace themselves for five more years of pleasant surprises.

One thought on “Labour should have been more positive

  1. “Pleasant surprises” shome mishtake surely?

    Thought the Lib Dem campaign was extremely dirty while ours was as noble as politics gets. Of course Leech did hang on. But every leaflet had fibs, there were running smears such as “career politician” when he himself is the one who has repeatedly stood for election and was for a time the occupant of two elected roles at once, and of course the usual dodgy tax bribes.

    At one point they claimed Jean Bridson – who been getting treatment from Christie when Leech perpetrated his stop-at-nothing hoax – had never been a cancer patient and later on the same theme they claimed that Lucy Powell, our candidate, had herself written Jean’s letter.

    They launched an 11th hour attack on Amina Lone with various scurrilous innuendo and the usual “local candidate” schtick. Outrageous when Leech lived a good way from his patch when he was on the council and has failed to live in his constituency. Not to mention the fact that his council candidate was actually a student IN LONDON commuting up for photo opportunities.

    Elsewhere there were many detailed reports of intimidation and skullduggery.

    At the declaration swaying Leech appeared – having hidden for 9 hours – very much the worse for wear and tear. And he then launched a “loser’s diatribe” he’d prepared earlier when both sets of anoraks reckoned he’d lost. He was potentially up on national TV – no idea of it was broadcast – and he was in a state and a horrible advert for Lib Dems and for his seat. Disgraceful IMO.

    The remarkable accusation was that Labour had fought a smear campaign. It seems that drawing attention to national newspaper stories (The Mail, also in The Spectator and The Telegraph) and any kind of calling him to account is to be called a smear by a sore winner.

    I have been laying off him for months, save the odd tweet and gentle blogpost. He’s a charmless, graceless, cry baby – running from accountability – and I’m really sorry that more people did not see through him and the likely Tory-Lib deal to follow.

    I honestly don’t think undergraduate students should be allowed to vote away from their homes. They do not think of the real local people in most cases, and they don’t have to live with the consequences of a casual cross on a ballot.

    They may have been “vibing on Nick” but if vote Clegg get Leech was not bad enough it could be vote Clegg get Leech get Cameron.

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