Las Vegas wedding: where’s the groom?

Las Vegas WeddingA wedding at the Bellagio, one of the best appointed hotels on the Las Vegas strip, but where’s the groom?

With family back home watching over the internet, little sister has only gone and left the wedding licence back at the Mirage. Fortunately the Bellagio is no conveyer belt wedding chapel and is more than happy to wait as groom and best man taxi back for the paperwork.

Nevertheless, the twenty minute wait feels like an eternity as she’s forced to stand in all her finery back in the dressing room, reassuring phone calls are made to Wales and many jokes are made that we won’t see him again.

When I first heard little sis was going for a Las Vegas wedding, I was well up for having Elvis officiate but, perhaps fortunately, it was not my choice. The smaller East Chapel at the Bellagio makes for a surprisingly intimate (given the scale of the hotel) and relaxed wedding venue; a perfect choice for a small, friendly but properly formal wedding.

Some of the more traditionally Vegas wedding chapels look surprisingly nice and quaint. Not the tacky affairs you might expect… although there are some spectacular exceptions and you can’t help but wonder who gets married in a chapel attached to a porn movie theatre.

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