Lea Walker, Imogen Thomas naked or nude: Big Brother made interesting?

While I got well into Celebrity Big Brother this year, I think I’ll let jude & trin & clazza keep tabs on the real thing for me. I needed all the baggage celebrities like George Galloway bring to it all.

It’s thanks to jude & trin & clazza that I got a heads up on some of this year’s Big Brother contestants. We can look forward to the cross-dressing Tourette’s sufferer with the eleven inch todger, Peter Stephenson, ex-porn star Lea Walker and former Miss Wales Imogen Thomas.

Lea Walker and Imogen Thomas each provide the Big Brother house with a different kind of sex appeal. So expect lots of people searching for photos of them naked: or is that nude? Worldwide Google says people are much more likely to search for Lea Walker or Imogen Thomas nude. But here in the UK Google says we’re almost as likely to search for them naked.

Once things kick off, running this search on Google Trends will reveal whether you most want to see Big Brother’s Lea Walker naked or nude or Big Brother’s Imogen Thomas naked or nude.

However, a more profitable way to make things interesting may be to have a bet on Big Brother

One thought on “Lea Walker, Imogen Thomas naked or nude: Big Brother made interesting?

  1. Dude, have you seen the *actual* Lea Walker porn film? Seems to be becoming a bit of an underground classic.


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