Leave it out Madonna… (or is it Madge?)

I’ve never been a fan of Madonna, although Holiday and Borderline remain perfect little pop songs and Vogue did capture the spirit of early ’90s dance and bottle it for the mainstream. On the other side of that, Crazy For You only served to show how shrill her mediocre voice can be.

And now I find myself working out to Hung Up, the first record to ever feature a legitimate Abba sample. And it’s more then okay. My problem’s with the video, in which Madonna (or Madge to those who’d be her friends) writhes about a bit too much. I guess I fancied her a bit back in the 1980s (I was a zitty teen), but now she looks like someone’s embarrassing mother. Sure, she’s clearly physically fit and she’s got the moves. I’m sure she’d make many an older gentleman very happy. But, ageist though this may seem, it’s probably time she put it all away. She’s no Sugababe.

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